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How Rent-To-On Homes Works

In regular home purchase, the sale takes place shortly after the seller accepts the offer and the transaction completed at closing. The fact that many buyers don’t have the money to pay for cash, they take a mortgage is used to finance the purchase. Usually, the buyer will make a down payment and then pay the bank equal monthly installments.

It is, however, is difficult for one to qualify for a mortgage if they have a poor credit score. Without these in place, purchasing a home in the traditional way may not be an option. This however, this does not stop one from living in a home they desire as there is the alternative of rent-to-own agreement. This type of agreement allows the buyer to the rent he home for a particular duration of-of time before they can think the option of buying the property when or before the lease expires.

Features of The Rent-To-own Agreement

Purchase Price
The the agreement will specify when and how the buying price of the property will be determined. In other cases, the buyer and the seller agree on a buying price once the contract is signed and this is often at or higher than the current market value. In other situations, they agree to determine the price when the lease expires, based on market value future point in time.

During the lease period, the potential buyer pays the seller a specified amount of rent each month. The lease period is negotiable, but in most cases, it ranges between one and three years. In many agreements, a portion of each monthly rent payment is applied to the purchase price.

Depending on the terms of the agreement, the potential buyer may be responsible for maintaining the home and taking care of any repairs, homeowners association fees, property taxes and insurance. The seller is overall responsible for the association fees taxes and insurance, he may decide to cover those expenses. Howevr, the buyer still needs to have a renter’s insurance policy to cover loss to personal property and provide liability coverage if someone gets injured while in the home.

It is important to make sure that the maintenance and repair requirements are specified in the contract. Property maintenance is entirely different from replacing damaged roofs.

Property Buying
The rent-to-own contract can be a good option for people who want but are not financially ready to become homeowners. It allows them the chance to get their finances in order while locking in the house they’d like to own.

It is important that the potential buyer is sure that they will purchase the home once the lease period is over for this type of agreement to work.
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