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Six Ways of Mitigating Email Bouncing

It is very annoying and irritating when the email you sent to a recipient was never delivered, and you are forced to go through the same process again and again. You may not be familiar with the term bouncing but not delivered is another term that you may be versed with. The emails can either not be delivered permanently which is the hard bounce problem or soft bounce where they are not delivered temporarily. This however should not be something that should be stressing you. Thanks to various techniques in place you can now avert this situation. The techniques are countless but below are six that could be of significance to you.

Write meaningful things. do not be in a hurry to get understood and miss the points. You need to ensure that the recipient is eager to read your email. You can reach to this level by ensuring that utilizing fun subject lines and engaging email contents not to forget to use amazing pictures to explain yourself. Readers take pleasure in interesting content rather than the usual boring stuff.

It is important that you authorize your email sender. Technology has made it easy for applications to send emails on your behalf. With the powers of these applications, you will still need to have them certified. You should thus not ignore this feature as you might end up having bounced emails.

Ensure you verify your email addresses. It is quite unfortunate when you assume the recipient’s address and proceed to email them without crosschecking it. Email bounce rate could be a frequent visitor to you until you start exercising caution. Before sending the email make sure that the address is not only existent but active. By doing this you will be reducing the bounced emails rate.

Utilize bulk sending email applications with perfect IP’s. It is almost impossible to keep track of the entire emails that you send and receive. Avoid this headache though by using the bulk sending emails. These applications are very instrumental in giving feedback on delivered emails and give explanation in case any bounces. What more could you want when you have the perfect application to ensure your subscribers get all your emails.

Devise a good subscriber list. before sending the emails make sure that the you have talked with your subscribers concerning the addresses. This makes it better to ensure that your emails will be received and not marked as spams. Your client list should be checked more often to keep your email sending reputation in check. That way you will only send your emails to those that are subscribed to you.

Update regularly old email addresses. There are times when you do not send an email to someone for over three months. This should deserve for a quick check of the addresses before sending the email the next time you use it. Regularly check your email list with verified websites to ensure that you remain valid and none of your emails fail to be delivered to the intended recipients.

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